Words of Appreciation

There are several reasons why I like living at LRT..

  • I can enjoy 25 good, nutritious suppers every month
  • I thoroughly enjoy the musical programs and the weekly entertainment
  • I am glad to have a chapel service every week
  • I find residents and staff here to be friendly and helpful
Stella J - resident since March 2014

I appreciate the shuttle service,

the friendly, caring people

Our manager – always helpful

Our backyard, gardens and gazebo

Our helpful receptionist and all the staff

Norma E. - resident since April 2014

Friendly Residents, Java Junction

Ruth W. - resident since September 2017

I checked a lot of places before I moved to LRT. The arrangements with how many meals you get is the best deal! I’m happy! There is a spirit around us that gives us a sense of community, we are not individuals, but we are a part of a family community.

Adenia S. - resident since April 2014

I enjoy living at Riverside as everyone is so kind and inviting! I love that my granddaughter can come to visit.

Anne M.

I love coming to LRT to visit grandma and play piano for everyone.

Hannah M., granddaughter of Anne M.

I like the people.

Pauline P. - resident since March 2015

The maintenance is very good, everything is very clean. The tenants are very friendly, the service is great. The food is great!

Hildegarde C. - resident since January 2017

It’s great! The people – friendly! Good friends you can make.

Joan C. - resident since April 2016

I have friends here.

Jean C. - resident since November 2014

Staff in every department are so good at their jobs – kind and caring the department they work in.

Joyce & Melvin A. - residents since December 2016

I like all the people who work here like Amy and Robyn. The neighbors are all very friendly too.

Tom L. - resident since November 2016

I love our location – the best in the city. People living here are the best – make a lot of friends.

Wanda B. - resident since October 2007

I love the location, the walking path, the boats on the river and the many friends I have made here. I have been here 9 years.

Margaret M. - resident since August 2009

The staff are so polite and cheerful. We can mix on a friendly basis with other residents regardless of religion or background.

Herb D. - resident since April 2007

All I can say – I love Canada and this place is great! The food is good and the people are nice.

Julie P. - resident since September 2015

I’m sure I was lucky enough to end up living here, in the nicest and most comfortable home for seniors.

Kathryn C. - resident since November 2010

The people here are the best!

Joe A. - resident since April 2016

Best people! Best staff! Best atmosphere! Best backyard!

Beth R. - resident since July 2012

The comfortable suites with air conditioning and balconies.

Harold R. - resident since September 2011

I like the friendly atmosphere. Everyone treats me like a friend.

Neva B. - resident since June 2016

I like people to do things with, rather than be alone.

Stan H. - resident since June 2018

I like the homelike atmosphere.

Dorothy M. - resident since July 2008

I like the variety of activities to take part in daily.

Marjorie J. - resident since September 2015

I like the people and I really like the backyard.

Walter T. - resident since February 2012

I like the service to go to appointments and the very accomodating staff.

Audrey P. - resident since December 2016

I like the food and housekeeping service. We are well looked after.

Annie R. - resident since November 2014

The care, understanding, and help for handicap people, such as poor hearing or walking.

Kay A. - resident since April 2017

I like the friendly atmosphere, the beautiful grounds around the building and the staff that are always very helpful and friendly.

Verna B. - resident since May 2013

I like the meals! I like the company and the neighbors.

Joyce M. - resident since April 2018

I like this as my retirement home. Luther Riverside is a beautiful place to be, wonderful service for both medical appointments and also to go grocery shopping. We have many lovely trips out, friendly evening entertainment, good meals and staff. Let’s not forget our office staff and our kind and caring manager, Teresa.

Wynne R. - resident since October 2010


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