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Outdoor Amenities For Senior Living

Riverside Terrace Assisted Living

River Views At Luther Riverside Terrace

When we talk about the outdoor amenities available at Riverside Terrace, we must begin by talking about the beautiful setting. Riverside Terrace is located on the picturesque Saskatchewan Crescent along the scenic South Saskatchewan River. Our backyard at Riverside Terrace overlooks the river and Gabriel Dumont Park.

Outside Walking Path

Residents and guests are welcome to go for a stroll along the walking path and take in the sounds of birds chirping and the beautiful lookout to the river. The walkway is 100% accessible (for people with walkers). The walkway also helps our residents obtain some physical activity, as well as contribute to a healthy, relaxed, and friendly environment.

Other outdoor amenities

  • Screened-in gazebo
  • Raised garden beds for those with a green thumb
  • Large lovely lawn
  • Patio with barbecue for residents and family

It’s easy to reach us here at Riverside Terrace. And we’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to email us at [email protected]
Or call 306-664-1250 Ext 222 for information on vacancies, or to set up an appointment or a tour.